Tuesday, 20 May 2014

ROFLMAO Episode One

No posting on here for a while but that's because I've been working hard on getting the sound design, music and editing done on this. ROLFMAO is a new radio comedy featuring the writing talents of Ewan Thomson, the acting expertise of Peter Halpin, Millie Reeves and John Hubbard (and Ewan himself) and the audio jiggerypokery of me, Ian Roullier (or should that be Tim/Bob?).

Episode one features the strenuous discussions over the show's theme music, an unsympathetic, superstitious policeman as well as radio's 'whackiest' DJ. Not to mention Vera Lynn and some dubstep.

Sit back, enjoy and allow yourself a chuckle.

UPDATED: Episodes two and three...

Episode two: Have you got thick?

Episode three: Behind the scenes at EastEnders, 24: Cardiff and an extremely embarrassing bus journey.

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