Saturday, 30 May 2009


Hello and welcome to a blog that only I am following at the moment. Exciting eh? I've spent the past two evenings pitching. Once for features and once for albums. A good pitch involves having a decent sales technique as well as a good idea, because a great idea poorly outlined to an editor will simply appear to be a poor idea. I keep pitching funny feature ideas, ie not chin-strokingly academic articles on the nature of electronic music and its role in forming popular culture, rather ones along the lines of 'Bodily Functions That Sound Like Dance Tunes' as a made up for-instance. This makes for a lot of fun when I'm writing but I feel the need to get a feature about something a bit more weighty under my belt again soon. Two of my feature pitches were ideas for humourous pieces and one was based around DJ Food whose 'One Man's Weird Is Another Man's World' EP is bloody amazing. Really traditional Ninja Tune cut and paste stuff with loads of samples but heavy on quality throughout. Can't wait for the album that's due out later this year following a couple more EPs.

Anyway, my first proper blog entry draws to a close and what have we learned? Well, not a great deal but I never said it was my job to inform! I will leave you with this though as I need to clear some of the old clutter out from my brain by revealing some of the music trivia I carry around in my head. Useless music fact #1 then: Bryan Adams' 'Everything I Do (I Do It For You)' spent 16 weeks at number one in 1991 before being knocked off the top spot by a new entry at number one, U2's 'Desire'. Wet Wet Wet fell just short of equalling the lumberjack shirted, gravel-gulletted crooner's record by spending 15 weeks at the top with 'Love Is All Around'. That too was knocked off the top spot by a new entry at number one, Whigfield's novelty-dance tune 'Saturday Night'. I wonder who was the happiest about conceding the throne?! I don't think Wet Wet Wet ever recovered from that kick in the teeth did they?

Originally posted on on 30 May 2009.